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Arturia Keylab 49 MKII Midi Keyboard Controller With Gigbag, Polishing Cloth& Ebook

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Product Name: Arturia KeyLab 49 MkII

Key Features:
●A serious 49-note controller for true artists, with luxurious keys and
comprehensive connectivity
●Ultra-responsive keybed with 49 aftertouch-enabled keys
●Lightweight, roadworthy aluminum chassis
●16 RGB backlit performance pads, 9 large faders, 9 rotary encoders
●5 expression control inputs, 4 CV output jacks
●MIDI and USB connectivity
●Deep software integration and DAW-specific magnetic overlays
●Includes Analaog Lab 3, Ableton Live Lite & Piano V2
●Includes FULL V Collection 8 worth Rs. 50,000 for FREE!


Arturia’s premier MIDI controller, KeyLab MkII represents a quantum leap in terms of
control, quality, and expression. Featuring a responsive keyboard action with 49-keys,
aluminium chassis, advanced configurable interface, 16 RGB backlit performance pads,
9 large faders, 9 rotary encoders, 5 expression control inputs, 4 CV outputs, smart
category controls, and – of course – MIDI and USB connectivity. Included is an
impressive software bundle: Arturia’s complete Piano V virtual piano instrument, Analog
Lab 3, and Ableton Live Lite.

A truly majestic MIDI controller
A new generation of MIDI controller is here, with a focus on incredible build quality,
superb durability, expressive control, and ergonomic features that are simply a joy to
use, and a pleasure to behold. Everything about this controller is the result of careful
thought and research. Its DAW control section feature easily switchable magnetic strips
for maximum personalization. The interface is laid out in a smart way that keeps the
learning curve to a minimum. Its CV functionality lets you take control of vintage
outboard synths or modular devices. KeyLab MkII is a controller for control freaks.

Professional in every way
From its solid metal housing to its responsive performance pads; its programmable
user maps to the advanced connectivity; KeyLab MkII is a controller keyboard that puts
you in the driving seat. Take full control over your DAW, instruments, effects, and
outboard equipment using its hugely configurable user maps, and assign any parameter

you want to its multiple switches, performance pads, rotary knobs, and large faders.

Expressive and inspiring
The focal point of a controller keyboard is often one of its most overlooked features.
Not with KeyLab MkII! This total control solution features the superbly playable,
luxurious-feeling keybed found in Arturia’s flagship MatrixBrute synthesizer. Calibrated
to capture every nuance of your performance, from soft flourishes to hammering
chords, and with aftertouch, KeyLab MkII puts the “keyboard” back into “controller

Full Features:

●Premium software included: every version of KeyLab MkII comes complete with
inspiring software instruments, including Arturia’s venerable physically modelled
piano studio Piano V, the inspiring preset collection Analog Lab, and Ableton Live
Lite. No other controller comes close. It also includes FULL V Collection 8 worth
Rs. 50,000 for FREE!
●Luxury keyboard: sporting the same opulent synth keybed as Arturia’s flagship
MatrixBrute, KeyLab MkII lets keyboard players truly express themselves with
●Modular connectivity: hook up to external synths and modules using CV pitch,
gate, and 2 modulation controls.
●Configurable inputs: this full-featured controller not only features sustain and
expression inputs, but also 3 configurable aux inputs for total creative control
over your sound, both on stage and in the studio.
●16 Pads: multi-function RGB performance pads not only let you accurately
capture percussive playing, but also play pre-programmed chords, and easily
switch control maps.
●Tactile controls: 9 large faders and 9 rotary knobs give you full control over your
DAW projects and also your instrument and effect parameters thanks to
intelligent mapping.
●Total integration: KeyLab MkII gives unfettered access to every element of
Arturia’s own software instruments. The ideal controller for V Collection owners.
●DAW control with magnetic overlays: with KeyLab MkII, you never need to guess
if you’re hitting the right button. Magnetic overlays for the 10 most popular DAWs
are provided so you can use all 16 transport controls for maximum effect.
Luxury build: housed in a glorious aluminium chassis, capped with real wood side
panels, and featuring the same gorgeous machined aluminium mod and pitch
bend wheels as the MiniBrute 2, KeyLab MkII adds a touch of class to any studio
●Quick access buttons: need a piano sound? Hit the piano button, and the
included Analog Lab 3 software will show you your options. Want a lead, or bass?
You know what to do.


The definitive MIDI controller keyboard, KeyLab MkII is a luxurious, expressive tool for your studio or live rig. Unsurpassed connectivity, effortless integration, customizable interface, and inspiring included software; there simply is no other MIDI controller quite like KeyLab MkII.

KeyLab MkII is an expressive, versatile, and superbly powerful next-generation USB MIDI controller keyboard.

It features dynamic performance and studio controls, including a high quality 49-note keyboard with aftertouch, 16 RGB backlit pads, 9 faders, 9 rotary knobs, and dedicated DAW and transport controls. Its huge connectivity also includes CV / Gate outputs, so you can take command of outboard synth and Eurorack modules with ease. Factor in the amazing included software, and you’ve just found your ideal creative companion for the studio and stage.

The controller your music deserves
Another level in terms of quality and luxury, KeyLab MkII is a treat for the fingertips and gives unprecedented levels of control over your music and software.

The 49-key of KeyLab MkII feature Arturia’s Pro-Feel action, the same lusciously playable keybed as the MatrixBrute and MiniBrute 2. Sensitive enough to accurately capture the subtleties and nuances of delicate playing, while still being robust enough to feel the energy of high-impact playing.

Every version of KeyLab MkII also offers 16 RGB-backlit, multi-function performance pads which can be used in a huge variety of ways, whatever suits your performance style or studio needs best. Trigger custom chords, activate samples, quickly switch user maps, KeyLab MkII puts the “control” firmly back into “controller”.

A gateway to software, KeyLab MkII features 9 rotary encoders, 9 faders, and a selection of fully assignable buttons to give you unfettered access to your virtual instruments, effects, and recording environment. Send and receive CV / gate data to bridge the gap between modular and MIDI, with a fully customizable setup.

To allow for maximum expression, and to put that unmistakable “human touch” into your music, KeyLab MkII features multiple expression pedal inputs, that can be assigned to whatever parameters you desire in your DAW or virtual instruments, and sports robust, luxurious machined metal pitch and mod wheels. Truly a live-performers dream!

Amazingly versatile, hugely expressive, and geared up to enhance your creativity and workflow wherever your music takes you.

Choose your flavor
Expression doesn’t just come down to features and functions, it can be how you choose to express yourself, too.

KeyLab MkII 49-Key version comes in both black and white options.

A complete software studio
Every KeyLab MkII owner will also be able to instantly enjoy one of the most comprehensive, inspiring, incredible value software packages available.

Whether you’re new to software recording, or already have an enviable collection of software instruments at your disposal, KeyLab MkII has something that’ll put a huge smile on your face.

Your personal MIDI assistant
Designed from the ground up to make you the master of your MIDI environment, KeyLab MkII is one of the most flexible, adaptable, and customizable controllers ever devised.

Not only does the latest generation KeyLab let you create fully personalized User maps, it also features incredible DAW integration, letting you spend more time “in the zone” and less time switching to and from your computer screen. By using any one of the 10 User maps, you can personalize the response of practically all the buttons, knobs, faders, keys, pads, and pedal inputs on KeyLab MkII, giving you ultimate control of your DAW, effects, instruments, and outboard gear.

To cut out the guesswork, KeyLab MkII also comes with 10 magnetic overlays for the DAW Commands section, giving you at-a-glance information on what each button does in your favorite recording software.

A MIDI masterpiece: KeyLab MkII doesn’t force you to make music a certain way, it lets you write the rules.

     BAJAAO 49-Key Keyboard Gig Bag 

    The BAJAAO 49-Key Keyboard Gig Bag is made from high-quality twill nylon. The outer covering will block out any type of dirt and other spills. For handling the bumps and collisions the inside of the bag is padded with foam. Industry grade Parachute webbing is used on the edges, handles and the shoulder straps for prolonged durability. Two zippered pockets on the front give you more room to store your cables and other accessories.

    Keyboard Gig Bag Specifications:

    • Suitable for 49-key keyboards
    • Water-resistant
    • Heavy-duty Nylon outer
    • 3mm High-density soft foam padding
    • Luggage-grade zippers and extra stitching at stress points
    • 2 Pockets for cables, adapter, and footswitch
    • 101cm x 51cm x 13cm

    Bajaao Microfiber Guitar/Instrument Polishing Cloth:

    The Bajaao Microfiber Polishing Cloth is made of 80% polyester and 20% nylon. One strand is 10 times finer than silk and 100 times smaller than a human hair. Microfiber is preferred for its very lightweight, super absorbency, and rapid drying properties. The polishing cloth rapidly absorbs up to 7 times its weight in moisture and can be used safely on any surface. Polishes your guitar to a brilliant shine.

    Note: Using a microfiber cloth is essential while cleaning or polishing your guitar, because any regular cloth can damage

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