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Audeze - Replacement Cable for iSINE

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Get High-Resolution Sound with the 24-bit Lighting cable

Upgrade your listening experience to the next level with the CIPHER cable’s high-quality DAC with DSP. Its inline system-on-a-chip bypasses the iPhone’s internal DAC and Amp to give you high-resolution sound. It also features a microphone which is compatible with SIRI.

Improve the bass line or tame the trebles of your favorite tracks with the Audeze iOS app.

Cipher Lightning Cable for iSINE features two presets as well as a 10-band equalizer that changes your music in real-time. You can even save two presets of your own that will travel within your cable, letting you enjoy the same sound, even on another device.

What's in the box for Cipher Lightning Cable:

  • Audeze - Cipher Lightning Cable for iSINE
  • What's in the box for 3.5mm standard cable:

  • Audeze - 3.5mm Standard Cable for iSINE
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