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SQIN Plastic Baby Shampoo Shower Bathing Protection Bath Soft Cap

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Safe shampoo shower bathing protection soft cap for baby children and kids to keep the water and shampoo out of their eyes and face, also great protect of your baby from sunscreen and haircut. Detail features: 1. Stereo hat, natural water. Sump design effective and rapid separation of water, so that drainage faster, my mother more at ease convenient design: 4 button design, easy to wear, the mother can be based on the baby head of the different and better wear material: Soft eva resin 2. According to baby ergonomic design, especially fit baby head 3. Safety thickening. 0. 3Cm thickness elasticity, toughness enough. To meet the market demand, let the baby fall in love with shampoo cap. Instructions: 1. Gently put the inside of the shower cap fit the baby forehead 2. Adjust the back of the shampoo bath cap to match the baby's head 3. Slightly adjust the bath cap to the baby comfortable state (back as far as possible to wear a low point to the neck, so before the high and low, will not fall and leak).


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