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Effect Audio

Effect Audio - Thor Copper OCC SPC IEM Upgrade Cable

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The base core of Thor Copper used in 7N purity is made up of cyro treated UPOCC SPC (Silver Plated Copper). It has the same advantages sound-wise of that of a copper material present that is deeper bass and warmer mids. The material which makes Thor Copper OCC SPC different than the standard copper cable is its silver plating which provides much more detail, clarity and wider soundstage. Effect Audio is maintaining its perfectionist mentality in regards to their craftsmanship by using the best quality WBT 4% silver solder on its cables. With 2 choices of color (Silver or Black), you can choose what best suits your style.

Perfection For You

When it comes to manufacturing high-quality earphones cable that gives you an audio experience like no other, Effect Audio is the go-to industry professional. When you listen with Effect Audio, you listen to perfection.





Type of Sound:

  • Deeper bass and warm mids provided with much more clarity and wider soundstage.

Type of Cable:

  • "Thor Copper"(MMCX / 2pin)[EA 3.5mm / EA 2.5mm]


  • Effect Audio uses certified UP-OCC materials only.

The right Effect Audio cable for you!

Effect Audio – Ares II
 Effect Audio – Ares II+
 Effect Audio – Eros II
 Effect Audio – Eros II+
 Effect Audio – Horus


Effect Audio – Leonidas
 Effect Audio – Leonidas-vs-Lionheart
 Effect Audio - Lionheart
 Effect Audio – Thor-Silver II
 Effect Audio – Thor-Silver II+


What People Say!

"If you have read the previous parts you know that this cable shines with bass, clarity, vocals and treble. They have smooth mids and are more recessed in the treble region so these two make a perfect couple."


The Headphonelist
"Combining excellent craftsmanship, exceptional ergonomics, and a good sonic improvement over the stock cable, the Effect Studio Thor Copper cable is a winner and highly recommended."



"The Thor IEM cable I’d say was more flexible and easy to manage than any of my others from Beat Audio, Toxic Cables, and 93 East, though still not quite as pliable as the Heir Audio Magnus cable (but it was close)."


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