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Flare Audio

Flare Audio - earHD® 360

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Flare Audio introduces an innovative device that enhances your music listening experience, earHD 360 Music Edition. Ear HD360 is a small device designed to reduce distortion in our ears. earHD 360 features a unique technology that accurately guides sound waves into the ears and removes the resonant effect that our ears have on the sound. There are two bends in our ear - one of 90 degrees behind the tragus and the 60-degree inner ear canal. These cause a blur of high-frequency information which distorts what we hear. earHD 360 uses an acoustic lens that mathematically reflects sound so that soundwaves remain accurate. The result is that everything sounds cleaner and clearer, improving audio quality in every situation. This is done without reducing volume or muffling sound. earHD 360 changes the shape of your ear canal, allowing sound to bypass the concha. This reduces unwanted frequencies (between 2kHz - 8kHz) that create resonance inside the ear. The results are obvious, high definition sound from all directions. earHD 360 is perfect for anyone looking for an improved listening experience. Whether you're at a concert, wearing headphones, or just listening to music at home, you'll get less unwanted noise and more clarity.

Headphone-Zone-Flare Audio-earHD-360


earHD 360 has been developed from Flare Audio’s anti-resonance technology found in their popular stress-reducing product, Calmer. Following Calmer’s success, earHD 360 has been developed specifically to enhance musical experiences. earHD 360 removes resonance by using a tiny waveguide inside our ears that eliminates the effect of the Concha. The Concha is the small shell shape that connects to our ear canal, which resonates with mid-frequency sounds. By removing this resonance, mid and high-frequency sounds are more refined, have greater detail and lose their harsh, distorted peaks. This clever wizardry works by channelling sound directly into our ears and reducing the ‘fuzziness’ caused by resonance and distortions. Simply put, music sounds better.

Headphone-Zone-Flare Audio-earHD-360
Headphone-Zone-Flare Audio-earHD-360


Flare Audio earHD 360 is a device that sits comfortably in the listener’s ear, acting as a non-intrusive upgrade for all music experiences. Made from a lightweight, polished ABS (high-grade plastic), the device is easy to carry around and has a glossy finish. The earHD 360 comes in one size and is designed to fit most ears. They are easy to wear and the design does not affect the characteristics of music. It simply diminishes distortion from our ears. Place it in your ear and give your sound the upgrade of a lifetime.

Headphone-Zone-Flare Audio-earHD-360
Headphone-Zone-Flare Audio-earHD-360


PACKAGING earHD 360 arrives in 100% recyclable packaging
CORE SIZE Length: 11.7mm
Width: 12.6mm
MATERIALS Injection moulded ABS or Polycarbonate for a high gloss black or clear finish
BOX CONTENTS 1. Flare Audio earHD® 360
2. Carry Pouch
3. Instruction manual

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1 Year Warranty

Don't sweat it, this Flare Audio earHD® 360 comes with a 1 year warranty from Flare Audio that covers manufacturing defects. All products featured on Headphone Zone are backed by an original manufacturer's warranty.

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