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FLiX (Beetel) Tone 110 Wired Headset - Black

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FLiX (Beetel) Tone 110 Wired Headset - Black Overview:

The FLiX (Beetel) Tone 110 wired headset looks good, sounds great, and comes with interchangeable ear
cups to ensure a comfortable fit. Each ear cup houses a 10 mm driver that enhances sound clarity. Moreover, this headset’s ergonomic design and lightweight build enable long-duration use with minimum discomfort.



Whether you're listening to music, looking up videos, or playing games, this headset's multi-functional features enable clear sound and a comfortable fit, making it an ideal accessory to suit your requirements.



For the Music Lovers

With Ergofit and the stylish design, this headset ticks all the boxes for music lovers. It provides a comfortable listening experience without compromising on style.



Ergonomic Fit

The headset comes with three sets of earpads which ensure a custom and secure fit.

Long Cable

The almost 1.2 m long cable enables you to move without your headset popping out. This feature helps you to enjoy an uninterrupted listening experience.


10 mm Driver

This headset comes with 10 mm drivers in each ear cup, facilitating clear audio for music, calls, and games.


Made in China


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