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M-Audio Axiom MKII 49-Key Keyboard MIDI Controller

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MAudio Axiom MKII 49-Key Keyboard MIDI Controller

BAJAAO India proudly introduces the Axiom series of mobile USB MIDI controllers has everything it takes to get the most from your MIDI software and hardware. Semi-weighted action complete with aftertouch gives you great feel and expression for both synth parts and pianistic passages. Eight rubberized trigger pads put your drums at your fingertips for programming with feel or easy fire samples or visual effects.

Total MIDI Control

Assign the eight rotary encoders to mixer controls like panning and effects sends, or to any synth parameters you want to control. Map the nine sliders to software mixer faders or drawbars on your virtual organ. 15 buttons, pitch and mod wheels, and sustain and expression pedal jacks round out a tour de force of MIDI domination. Assigning controllers is simple, yet has the power to let you delve as deep as you want. Each controller can map to just about any applicable parameter in the MIDI spec, including independent channel addressing for each.

Intuitive Front-Panel Programming

M-Audio Axiom MIDI controllers all feature a large backlit LCD screen for visual feedback?and the 61-key and 49-key models also place a 10-key pad right on the front panel for direct, intuitive programming. You'll also find 9 dedicated front-panel function buttons to easily access common operations like preset / program change or MIDI channel +/-, octave +/-, and transpose +/-. Use the Controller Mute button to prevent parameters from jumping when you change them, for example, then press Snapshot to transmit all current settings. 20 non-volatile memory locations instantly save and recall your favorite presets' and you can manage an entire preset library on your computer via SysEx dumps and the free Enigma software editor/librarian for PC and Mac.

Mobile Operation

The Axiom series is extremely compact and lightweight and all models are powered directly from your computer's USB bus. Choose the size that's best for your needs, then take your music anywhere you want to go.

Technical Info

  • PC Requirements
  • Available USB Port
  • DirectX 9.0b or higher
  • Windows XP (SP2) or higher
  • Windows 98, Me, NT, or 2000 not supported.

Macintosh Requirements

  • Native USB Port
  • Mac OS X 10.3.9 w/ 256 MB RAM, OS X 10.4.2 or greater w/ 512 MB RAM.

Power Supply

  • If you are using your Axiom with a computer via its USB port, there is no need for an external power supply. Your Axiom will draw its power from the computer.
  • However, if you are intending to use your Axiom without connecting to a computer's USB port, then you will need to use an external power supply.

No power supply is included in the box, so please select one that meets the following requirements:

  • 12V DC
  • 250mA - 300mA
  • Center positive.

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