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SQIN Plastic Hygrometer Temperature Thermometer Humidity Meter with Time Alarm Clock with Big LCD Display All in One

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Features: Big display thermo or hygrometer with clock large 2 line LCD display. Temperature Range: -50 degree Celsius ~ 70 degree Celsius (-58 degree Fahrenheit ~ 158 degree Fahrenheit) temperature. Accuracy: +0.5 degree Celsius (0 degree Celsius ~ 40 degree Celsius) or +1 percent. Humidity Range: 10 percent ~ 99 percent RH. Humidity Accuracy: +3 percent RH (50 percent ~ 80 percent) or +5 percent. Battery: AAA 1.5V. Time or temperature or humidity indicate. Temperature reading for degree Fahrenheit and amp, degree Celsius. Maximum and minimum temperature and humidity memory. Calendar with alarm clock.


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