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SQIN Plastic Rice, Fruits, Vegetable, Noodles, Pasta - Washing Bowl & Strainer Good Quality & Perfect Size for Storing and Straining

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Washing and Straining Bowl, Easy for multipurpose use for Washing and Straining Rice , Dal , Pulses , Grain , Pasta , Noodles , Fruits and Vegetables etc. - Washing and Straining Bowl with Rounded Edges for Extra Comfort - Extreme Helpful and Made with High Grade Plastic - Easy and Quickly Useable - Prevents wastage of food while washing in the bowl. This very large colander with bowl is a must have kitchen gadget and strainer. It has so many functions. This bowl can be used as a mixing bowl, prep bowl colinder, colander rice washing bowl and vegetable washing bowl. The colander is made of BPA-free plastic and is non-toxic. We have designed this colander keeping our customers’ satisfaction in view. The colander is environment friendly, keeping things fresh and out of chemical interaction.


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