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SQIN 50kg Digital Kitchen Weighing Scale/Luggage Hanging Weight Scale (Colour May Vary)

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portable hanging scale with smily soft buttons is a vertical weighing solution that you can easily take with you anywhere.It has LCD backlight, in high-quality ABS plastic and built-in hanging hook make it is one of the most versatile scales on the market.Great for any road trip, holiday, or any kind of weighing related work with the weight capacity of up to 50kg.You are able to measure the weight of nearly any bag in an instant, at anytime and anyplace. Simply hook your baggage onto the durable steel hook and the scale will display results within seconds. Measure all of your bags before reaching the airport or going for road trips holiday so you're no longer burdened with overweight charges. It's simple and reliable user-friendly design makes it easy to weigh suitcases, purses and backpacks on the fly.At just a single press of the unit button, you can switch the weighing option between Kg, Oz, Lb, JIN.The clear, back light lcd display shows the weight in large characters. Features: Tare function Display Data lock An auto off function, used to help conserve battery life Beep notification Automatically lock the reading when data is stable Easily switch between units Wide LCD screen display ABS engineering plastic as main material Specepication: Capacity: 10g-50000g Units: Kg, Oz, Lb, JIN Display: LCD with Backlit Power supply: 1.5v x 2 AAA battery (included) Colour: Multi Note: Do not drop your scale Store your scale in a clean and dry environment. Dust, dirt and moisture on the weighing sensors and electronics may cause inaccuracy or malfunction. Do not drop items onto the weighing platform violently, gently treat all items. Check the batteries first if there is any trouble with your scale. This simple step can remedy most scale issues. WARNING: Don't wight items more than 50kg or less than 10g.


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